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Event services

 Industrial Scientific - Company 5K 2018

Industrial Scientific - Company 5K 2018

Event Services: Our Event Services include a variety of customized packages that suite the specific needs of each client. From corporate wellness days to single fundraising events, we are equipped to meet the demands requested of us. Each package is customized based on employee size, budget and other variables within the organization. We partner with some of the best experts and professionals in the Pittsburgh area. Our ability to build long-lasting relationships is what makes us unique and something our clients can trust. 

Services and topics include but are not limited to:
Wellness Days
Interactive Lunch & Learns
Specialized Trainings
Community Events
Work & Life Balance
Preventative Care
Emotional and Mental Health
Biometric Testing/Flu Shots - Migliaro Consulting has partnered with TotalWellness to offer discounted rates for your employees to ensure a healthier work place environment.



 Consulting services

 Mascaro Construction - Lunch & Learn

Mascaro Construction - Lunch & Learn

Consulting Services: Our Consulting Services are specific to the needs of each client and are determined after a thorough consultation. These consulting services typically fall under a 3-12 month contract and can include a variety of services. With our years of network relations, we can provide top quality services to our clients to help them obtain their desired outcome. 

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Development of marketing & social media plans
  • Assistance in securing sponsors, volunteers or guests to business events
  • Event development and management (i.e. Open House events, Fundraising events)
  • New product/campaign launch 
  • Content writing
  • Marketing collateral
  • Community relationships

Our Philanthropic Touch

Each year, Migliaro Consulting & Events Specialists selects four different clients or organizations to work with and provide our services for a reduced or no cost option. After a thorough interview process, we identify candidates based on their mission and what they are looking to accomplish. We understand the value of giving back and we love to work with people who appreciate our partnership and services. This year, we are proud to be working with the following groups and events:

If you are interested in presenting your event, please contact us today at connect@migliaroconsulting.com so we can learn more about your mission and goals.  Please be sure to visit the links above to learn more about these events and consider participating!

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