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The Happy Vegan @ CoreLife Eatery

Our client, The Happy Vegan, will be taking part in the speaker series at CoreLife Eatery (Pittsburgh). 

The Happy Vegan has a mission – to help people learn how to get (and STAY) healthy, naturally! Join owner of The Happy Vegan, Sharon Gregory as she presents Busting the Protein Myth.

A question that is frequently asked of those following a plant-based diet is “How do you get your protein?” The simple (and factual) answer is: “The same way the animals you eat get theirs - through plant based foods! Guests will learn how much protein they need and how to get it in the best way to support your maximum health - all through plant-based resources. You won’t want to miss this candid conversation that could change YOUR life and the lives of your loved ones.

All registered participants will receive 50% off their meal during the lecture! RSVP here!!!